eMoney Advisor


Visual Design &
Front End Development

Redesign for an alerts feature module.


Design a module as a part of a personal financial website that allows a user to set up and manage a list of alerts for which the system will send out email and phone message reminders.

The goal of these alerts would be to notify the user of certain events without them needing to log into the website.

  • Alerts will be sent via email and/or phone.
  • Alerts can be managed by being turned on and off by the user.
  • Custom alert details can be configured by the user.

Alert types

  • Low cash balance - When account value drops below a certain threshold.
  • High credit balance - When balance gets higher than a set amount.
  • Large Deposit - When a large deposit occurs into an account.
  • Budget Exceeded - When a set budget amount has been exceeded.
  • Bank Fee - When a service fee has been charged.

Mobile version of IEM product page.

Responsive image

Below, an interactive protoype created in Adobe XD.

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HTML/CSS/JS Prototype

Click the button below to see a working interactive and responsive prototype for this design.

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