Fantasy For All


Visual Design & UX

Fantasy for All is an application that allows fantasy baseball enthusiasts to view, compare and select picks and rosters for their fantasy teams.

The app is for picking rosters of Major League Baseball players that met the following requirements:

  • Voters need be able to easily create a player roster, separated by player position
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  • Voters should be able to compare statistics between two players.
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  • Voters should be able to easily browse to the best players, but should still have the ability to vote for any player in the league.
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User Tasks

I went through quite a few different iterations on this application. I talked to 5 users and had them use a prototype that I made in Adobe Experience Design to get feedback.

Findings from user feedback

  1. Most users were familiar with what teams and players they wanted, so in the future, a search field will be used to allow searches for players directly.
  2. Baseball fans are statistics lovers and always want more. They want to be able to compare advanced stats, proving the importance of the compare feature.
  3. Users also want to be able to see how they are doing with an overall picture of everyones standings. I added the "View other's rosters" section to accomdoate this. In the future, that is one area to develop further and make easier and more upfront.

The version below shows the older search functionality. Both light and dark themes are available per user preference. Responsive image