Fender Musical Instruments


Visual Design, UX &
Front End Development

Digital design and building out web pages for Fender, Fender Custom Shop, Charvel, Jackson and other lines of guitars.

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Company Information

Fender Musical Instruments has been making guitars and basses since 1946. The company has placed greater importance on increasing instrument sales online with a balance between online and selling in local physical music stores.

There were a few user experience pain points that we identified and worked toward resolving. Customers were experiencing shopping through the ecommerce site via

One issue was that due to the popularity of items, they would be made available but sell out quickly. A temporary stop gap measure was implemented allowing customers to enter in their email addresses to be notified when an item would be back in stock. The issue was that it could be months before they were notified, once they signed up with their email addresses, nothing happened from the customer's point of view.

We needed a way to streamline this process so that customers could see when the items they wanted were available to buy.

Fender already had a great user experience team in place who had done research on our customers. Through discovery in email surveys, we discovered that customers got upset when they gave away private information such as their email adresses with no immediate response.

User Tasks

Add product feature that allows customer to enter zip code or location and check dealer inventory.

  1. Add a view product availability button.
  2. Allow customer to enter their zip code or location.
  3. Show listing of nearby dealers that have the product inventory customer wants.

Mobile version of IEM product page.

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Below, a series of interactions in mobile with the In ear monitor screens.

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Other Fender work

Front End Development (HTML5/CSS3/jquery/javascript) on the below web pages. (along with many others.)

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