Fender Custom Shop


Visual Design & UI Design


Digital redesign of the Fender Custom Shop website.

The Custom Shop is home to Fender’s most skilled and talented builders.

Customers choose whether they want to have instruments created by a master builder, or if they would like a custom built guitar that has been customized with individual tastes.

The Opportunity

The process for building a guitar from scratch in partnership with a master builder can be confusing to customers.

In survey results, customer were not sure how to begin the order process and the website needed to be updated to reflect an easier process for this.

Some of the confusion comes from the fact that you cannot order a custom built guitar online. You need to work with completing a form, then printing it out and bringing it to a local dealership for them to place the order for your to send into Fender Custom Shop.

The current ordering process

Currently, customers are guided to Download the 2019 Design Guide and peruse a selection of custom options in the design guide.

  1. Choose your build level (Masterbuilt or Custom-built).
  2. Choose a base model.
  3. Choose an aging package.
  4. Choose your build level (Masterbuilt or Custom-built).
  5. Choose your woods, neck shape, colors, hardware, pickups, wiring, etc.
  6. Check your desired options in the design guide
  7. Take your completed design guide to your Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealer for a quote and estimated build time.

A redesign of this process.

Due to business requirements, the flow of how to order could not be changed. However, it could be streamlined through a digital redesign.


The user tasks of being guided through the steps are reordered and have more explanations to guide the user.

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