UX & UI Designer

Bill LaFave

Multi Disciplinary designer. Past clients include Fender Guitars, American Express and the City of Mesa Arizona.


Bill is proactive, results oriented, responsible, hard working, determined and a technically sound professional who is always ready to put all his energy and time into getting the job done right.

- Dan Samuels, IT Manager Linkedin

I would highly recommend Mr. LaFave as an asset.

- Sher Downing
Vice Chancellor University of South Carolina Linkedin

  • Developed unique visual guide eliminating language translations that saved Christie Digital thousands in worldwide printing costs.
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  • Saved American Express estimated $45,000 with digital campaign art assets in lieu of external third party creation.


With over seven years of digital, web and user experience knowledge, I have been lucky to craft user experiences that many people use monthly.

I am currently employed with Christie Digital Systems as a User Experience Interface designer. Past clients include Fender Guitars, American Express and the City of Mesa, Arizona.

My aim is to create simple UX solutions, balancing business, product requirements and user needs with technical feasibility. I have worked in both waterfall and agile environments but focusing on the user is my number one goal.


Pen/pencil/paper and whiteboards. Experienced with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD. Proficient in Sketch and utilize HTML/CSS and Bootstrap for protoyping. This site was built with Bootstrap 4.

Other Interests

In my spare time, I play bass guitar (Lakland & Fenders) and have for the last 15 years - it's a fun way to express my creativity.